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Use these links to view significant events and story lines in the comics. I've just started this list, so it only has a few entries. If you'd like to help it grow, please enter the important strip dates you know of in the comments, here.
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Apartment 3-G
Lu Ann gets her studio
Tommie meets Gary
Albert the ghost appears to Lu Ann
Margo meets Katy, Eric's niece with cancer
Alan Lange Returns
Margo @ Cancer-Niece's B-Day Party
Alan rescues an unconscious LuAnn from Albert the Ghost
Ruby Wright arrives
LuAnn comes home from the hospital
Alan meets his old drug dealer
Eric offers Alan a job at his art gallery
Dr. Kelly asks Tommie out
Eric proposes Margo manage his art gallery
LuAnn's memory returns
Ruby takes over Margo's event planning business

For Better or for Worse
April grows up and dresses like a tart
Grandpa says "Boxcar!"
Liz and Anthony sneak away at a wedding and have sexytime
The Wedding Day

Funky Winkerbean
Masky McDeath shows up to take Lisa away
"Act III: Ten Years Later" begins

Gil Thorp
Tyler claims that someone bashed him with a barky stick
Tyler shown bashing himself with a barky stick
Clambake baseball season begins
Gil confronts Clambake about his lies
Coach Kaz and Kelly attend a Gail Martin concert in Central City
Coach Kaz punches out a drunk
Coach Kaz solves the Gail Martin mystery
Bill Ritters boxing story begins
Culley Vale story begins

Judge Parker
Book deal / murder story begins

Mark Trail
Lucky the beaver story begins
Fist o' Justice: Dan the insurance scammer loses his beard
Fist o' Justice: "You won't be releasing any more birds!"
Johnny Mallote / Bull Malone murder story begins
Fist o' Justice: The dog nappers go down
Sneaky the Racoon / Wetlands story begins
Fist o' Justice: Rescuing Sneaky Racoon
Patty loves Bucky / spouse abuse story begins
Ken slaps Patty

Mary Worth
Tommy deals drugs
Iris receives a letter from her son Tommy
Pool Party: High School Sweethearts Storyline begins
Ben Frank moves out
Drug Dealing Storyline begins/Tommy arrives at Charterstone
Tommy desires his "very own meth lab"
Mary smells Tommy's drugs
Anna and Dr. Brian meet face to face at their high school reunion
Mary interupts Dr. Brian's propsal
"Ask Wendy" Lawsuit Storyline begins
Wilbur writes "Ask Wendy" reply to Jane Hand
Jane Hand tells her husband she wants a divorce
Jane's (now) ex-husband informs her he's enganged
Dr. Brian's ex-wife arrives in Santa Royale
Anna & Dr. Brian's Honeymoon
Anna tells Dr. Brian she's pregnant
Anna tells Mary she's sterile
Alcoholic Storyline begins
Mary & Dr. Jeff attend Rita's daughter Fay's funeral
Rita moves in with Mary
Mary is happy Scotch isn't Rita's "breakfast of choice"
Rita goes to dinner with Mary & Dr. Jeff and causes a drunken scene
Rita drunkenly breaks Mary's precious swans
Mary goes to the "dangerous" women's shelter
Rita's cousin Vic arrives in Santa Royale
Rita moves out of Mary's apartment
Anna discovers via a newsletter that infertility can effect men, too
Mary begins explaining to WIlbur how people who give advice aren't really responsible for its outcome
Wilbur is informed he's being sued over his "Ask Wendy" advice
Wilbur is informed of the lawsuit's outcome
Jane Hand meets Caleb while down at the docks
Chubby Lover Storyline begins/Mary & Toby go power walking
Mary meets Aldo
Aldo crashes
Ella Byrd moves to Charterstone
Mary dreams that Jeff needs her in Vietnam
Vera moves to Charterstone
Dawn catches Drew horseback riding with Vera
Mary finds Chester injured on the side of the road
Drew and Vera meet again
Pool Party! The story of Mary's childhood begins
Ron Amalfi's dying mother / jealousy story begins
Toby's identity-theft story begins
The ice skating / father domination story begins
Mary and Jeff meet Ted Convey
Adrian confronts Ted Confey
Adrian meets Detective Scott Hewlett

The Phantom
That's the answer: Jungle Patrol!
New Adventure: Justice for the Python
New Adventure: Crazy man on the oil rig

The Mysterious Voyage, or, Sailing the Eighth Sea

Announcement of the jump to college life
Electro story begins

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