The Comic Archives Navigator

This page gives you an easy way to view newspaper comics on the web. The Next and Back buttons make it especially handy if you're interested in viewing past story lines of soap strips like Gil Thorp, Mark Trail, or Mary Worth. How far back each archive goes depends on the comic; for example, you can read Apartment 3-G dating from 2004.

To use this page, take these steps:

1. Use the dropdown list of comics in the navigation bar below to select the comic you wish to view.
2. Select the month, date, and year that you want to start viewing.
3. Click the GO button. The comic you've chosen will display here.
4. If you want to view only Sunday comics, check the Sundays checkbox.
5. Use the Next and Back button to navigate between the comics. You can also use the n and b keys to navigate as long as you don't scroll the comic window.

Bookmarks to Key Comic Events and Story Lines

Notice: All rights to the comics in the archives belong to their respective owners. Dean's Comic Booth does not host these comics, but simply provides readers with links that make them easier to access.