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This site parodies the comics. All rights are retained by their respective owners. The comics bring great joy to hundreds of people every day, and by making fun of them I hope to increase that joy.

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by DeanBooth 22. April 2010 00:43

It's a Long Story

by DeanBooth 10. April 2010 01:30

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[No, I did not change panel 2.]

Know When to Hold 'Em

by DeanBooth 28. February 2010 05:52

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[Gil Thorp, land of the hand.]

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Free

by DeanBooth 16. December 2009 06:11

Sad Puppy Sunday

by DeanBooth 8. November 2009 03:15

Gil Tracy

by DeanBooth 12. October 2009 04:57

Dick Tracy: Gil Tracy   
Original Gil Thorp     Original Dick Tracy

[No joke. They just seemed like chocolate and peanut butter.]

Triple Play

by DeanBooth 8. August 2009 04:22

Guest Post: Return to Sender

by DeanBooth 21. July 2009 08:00

Gil Thorp: Guest Post: Return to Sender   
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By AirForbes