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This site parodies the comics. All rights are retained by their respective owners. The comics bring great joy to hundreds of people every day, and by making fun of them I hope to increase that joy.

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It Only Hurts When I Laugh

by DeanBooth 15. January 2012 02:52


by DeanBooth 6. March 2011 01:06

Guest Post: Interesting Article

by DeanBooth 2. December 2010 06:42

Bridge to Nowhere

by DeanBooth 4. November 2010 00:19

Hang 'em High

by DeanBooth 17. August 2010 00:10

You Beast!

by DeanBooth 27. May 2010 01:13

Thorry About That

by DeanBooth 16. May 2010 05:55

Pool Party!

by DeanBooth 4. May 2010 00:55

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