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The Monkey's Pa

by DeanBooth 8. February 2010 00:00

Easter in December

by DeanBooth 28. December 2009 04:57
Lio: Easter in December   
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[This Lio strip was the most poignant of all the Christmas strips this year. Lio can't be improved, only elaborated on.]

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Free

by DeanBooth 16. December 2009 06:11

All Across America...

by DeanBooth 8. December 2009 05:24


[The only modification is the order of Lio's first two panels.]

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

by DeanBooth 17. September 2009 03:42

The New World

by DeanBooth 8. July 2009 03:54

Funky Winkerbean: The New World   
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Lio can cheer up anybody!

You Are What You Eat

by DeanBooth 22. June 2009 00:05

Lio: You Are What You Eat   
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[If the image is cut off, you can click it to open it in a new window.]

...And the World Laughs with You

by DeanBooth 16. December 2007 13:00