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Happy Halloween!

by DeanBooth 31. October 2011 02:43

[I wasn't brave enough to post my Zippy costume last year, but this year I'm sufficiently disguised.]

Metapost: Dick Tracy Characters

by DeanBooth 6. May 2011 10:47

Two-hundred characters from Dick Tracy, 1931-1977:

 [via Frog Blog]

Metapost: All Good Things

by DeanBooth 23. February 2011 02:00

Today is the Comic Booth's 2-year anniversary, and it seems as good a time as any to take a much needed break. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've recently taken on a work project that makes it much more difficult for me to keep up with posting, and rather than rushing to create images to post, it's probably best if I just take an extended hiatus. I'll probably still post every now and then as the mood strikes.

Thanks to all my frequent visitors for your support. And a special thanks to the guest posters -- I'll still be glad to post your creations.


P.S. And you, spammers, I'll miss you least of all!

P.P.S. Thanks for all the well wishes. My work is actually quite interesting, so no need to fret on that score. Also, per Jesse's suggestion, I've put up a Random Post link at the top of the page.

The Best of 2010, Part II

by DeanBooth 2. January 2011 06:46

The Best of 2010, Part I

by DeanBooth 1. January 2011 05:39

I've posted around 800 mashups this year. I went through and picked out my favorites. Here is the first batch:


View Original / Modified


View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified     Crock Original   Bizarro Original

View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified


View Original / Modified

View Original / Modified

Improve the World, One Meal at a Time

by DeanBooth 19. December 2010 11:35

Six more days to go. Please give if you can.


Between now and Christmas, I'd like to try to raise some money for the
Mid-Ohio Foodbank. If you have some extra cash, say thanks to the
Comic Booth (2100 mashups so far!) by donating today!

Double your gift: I'll be matching all donations up to $400.

Shout Back

by DeanBooth 18. October 2010 13:49

Many of you have probably seen this already, but thanks to Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus for their shout out to the Comicbooth in Sunday's My Cage. I hope they can find another syndicate to pick up their strip.

This is the unaltered original:


Vote for Tiki Carol!

by DeanBooth 30. August 2010 12:54

Faithful reader and frequent contributor Tiki Carol has made the finals in a caption contest over at Splendid Marbles!

Please take a minute to go there and vote for her caption, "Furries in Prison," for the "Rat in Jail" comic.

Way to go TC!