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This site parodies the comics. All rights are retained by their respective owners. The comics bring great joy to hundreds of people every day, and by making fun of them I hope to increase that joy.

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Tuesday Afternoon Quick Snack

by DeanBooth 15. February 2011 06:56

The Ghost Who Bullies Online

by DeanBooth 2. February 2011 06:25

Present Tense

by DeanBooth 23. January 2011 07:14

Single Cell Organism

by DeanBooth 7. October 2010 04:17

News You Can Use

by DeanBooth 16. September 2010 00:07

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[The Phantom gets my vote for best serial comic storyline.]

Ghost of the Dance

by DeanBooth 7. September 2010 00:00
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The Ghost Who Woks

by DeanBooth 25. August 2010 05:12

Old Suburban Saying

by DeanBooth 15. August 2010 02:48