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This site parodies the comics. All rights are retained by their respective owners. The comics bring great joy to hundreds of people every day, and by making fun of them I hope to increase that joy.

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Mary Wants a New Hairdo

by DeanBooth 25. July 2008 07:35

Death Day in Comics Land

by DeanBooth 16. October 2007 10:36
Death Day in Comics Land (This page may work in IE only. Sorry.)

The Shocker Goes Straight

by DeanBooth 16. August 2007 09:45

The Week in Funky Winkerbean

by DeanBooth 15. July 2007 15:15

What an exciting week!

(Bonus fun: Guess which two strips are unaltered!)

Free Calendar!

by DeanBooth 15. July 2007 15:01

It's Gail Martin Day at

by DeanBooth 15. July 2007 14:01

"I Need My Gretchen!" Day at

by DeanBooth 15. June 2007 14:37

The 101 Platitudes of Mary Worth

by DeanBooth 15. May 2007 14:23