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This site parodies the comics. All rights are retained by their respective owners. The comics bring great joy to hundreds of people every day, and by making fun of them I hope to increase that joy.

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Ja Männer

by DeanBooth 30. March 2011 01:29

Ach Tune

by DeanBooth 10. March 2011 01:41


by DeanBooth 24. February 2011 02:25

The Other

by DeanBooth 8. February 2011 01:59

Saturday Afternoon Quickies

by DeanBooth 5. February 2011 23:57


by DeanBooth 30. January 2011 06:33

Some Ask "Why Not?"

by DeanBooth 19. January 2011 01:56

Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Beetle Bailey Edition #2

by DeanBooth 7. January 2011 06:54

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This Week's Thanks: Thanks to Alex and Rainey for their guest posts. I'm still not back into the swing of things from the holidays, so they helped a lot.

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