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Guest Post: Look For

by DeanBooth 23. February 2013 06:23

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By User McUser

Metapost: Dick Tracy Characters

by DeanBooth 6. May 2011 10:47

Two-hundred characters from Dick Tracy, 1931-1977:

 [via Frog Blog]

Baby About Town

by DeanBooth 20. March 2011 00:51

A New Dawn

by DeanBooth 8. March 2011 01:31



[In case you didn't recognize it, the dialog is Wilbur and Dawn from Mary Worth.]

Dick or Rabbit?

by DeanBooth 1. August 2010 00:47

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[I wanted to something with that strange "Hungry" panel.]

Burying the Hatchet

by DeanBooth 26. June 2010 00:48

Drawing a Blank

by DeanBooth 12. May 2010 00:36


by DeanBooth 22. April 2010 00:43