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Do You Draw Your Mother with that Hand?

by DeanBooth 5. March 2009 07:49

Shading Is Everything   
My first 4-fer: Slylock Fox, Gil Thorp, Judge Parker, and Dick Tracy, like trail mix with comics. 

Westview vs. Milford

by DeanBooth 28. February 2009 05:34
Westview vs. Milford   


by DeanBooth 19. December 2008 13:39

The Best Defense...

by DeanBooth 12. September 2008 09:55
The Best Defense...

Kalamazoo Bound and Gagged

by DeanBooth 21. August 2008 07:59

Picasso Paints Gil Thorp: Get Your Game Faces On

by DeanBooth 21. May 2008 18:29

Prest-o Thorp-o!

by DeanBooth 21. April 2008 06:44

Now That's the Gil Thorp I Remember

by DeanBooth 1. April 2008 06:14