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If It Talks Like a Duck

by DeanBooth 11. December 2010 06:23

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Popeye sez:

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Double Single Panels

by DeanBooth 3. December 2010 01:24

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Bonus -- more sharp words:


Double Single Bonus!

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by DeanBooth 30. November 2010 06:28

Dalton the Singing Cancerous Prostate

by DeanBooth 6. November 2010 01:05

Dalton The Cancerous Prostate

by DeanBooth 29. October 2010 00:38





[Visit Dalton's Pacebook page.]

I Got Your Back

by DeanBooth 4. September 2010 05:25

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If you're wondering where Rex Morgan, ADHD went, Rex hasn't been in the strip for two weeks now. He'll be back tomorrow.

You can catch up on the story here (use the Next button in the nav bar for quick loading).

Wednesday Boneus

by DeanBooth 7. April 2010 08:38

Rex Morgan, S.M.*

by DeanBooth 13. February 2010 01:21

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*Sailor Man

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