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One Year Anniversary

by DeanBooth 21. February 2010 00:21
It's been a year (and about 900 mashups) since I started this blog. I thought I'd go through and pick out a dozen of my favorites. I'm often surprised about what readers like -- some mashups I thought were mediocre got great responses, and vice versa.

Here's my top 12 10 picks for the year, in no particular order:











Metapost: Death Cat in the News

by DeanBooth 31. January 2010 07:48

Reader and contributor firedmyass emailed me a news story about the real-life Death Cat, who continues to identify patients whose death is imminent.


If only, Death Cat, if only!

Jingle Bells

by DeanBooth 25. December 2009 00:55

A couple of years ago, I bought one of those singing Santas, and with a bit of paint and cloth turned him into a singing Jebus.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Help Me, Mark!

by DeanBooth 20. November 2009 00:37


I do not understand why the flu is treating me this way. Perhaps I have offended death cat.

In any case, posts may be light until I get over this thing.

Metapost: Showing the Original Comic First

by DeanBooth 14. August 2009 10:43

I've had a few requests to show the original comic rather than my modified version first. Because doing so would interfere with RSS feeds, I had to use some trickery.

In the link column on the left, there's now a Show Original First checkbox. Check this box if you prefer seeing the original version of the comic first. You can then view my handiwork by clicking the View Original/Modified link beneath the image. Your choice will be remembered when you return.

If you choose to show the original first, you may notice a slight delay as the page replaces the modified images with their originals. Just shut your eyes ("La la la...") for a second or two.

I've tested this in IE6 and the latest Firefox. Please let me know if you encounter any problems on-site or with RSS feeds.

Metapost: I'll Wait for the Movie

by DeanBooth 2. August 2009 15:32

Sorry for the delay in the This Week in Mary Worth movie. I'll do my best to create it tomorrow. This week is Delilah's visit to sleaze-ball Charley's apartment, so there should be plenty of sexytime dancing!  

Still working on real-life stuff. Help! Help! I'm being oppressed! 

Universal Comic Cursicons

by DeanBooth 21. July 2009 04:01

Josh mentioned the other day an interview with Margaret Shulock, a writer of Apartment 3-G, in which she laments that Margo cannot curse in print. Well, I thought about how this could be possible while still protecting the children.

Here is my answer: Universal Comic Cursicons. Ms. Shulock, or any other comic author, can enter their character's curse words here and receive a comic speech code that we "adults" can then translate.


Update: ! stands for I within a word, but can be used for ING at the end of a word.

I don't know if any comic strip writers ever visit here (if any do, I'd like to thank them profusely for allowing me to blaspheme their images), but here's their chance to spice up the usually bland language in the comics, safe from the prying eyes of editors and the less mature.

Beetle Bailey: ttt   

Curse in the Comments: To use the cursicons in the comments, just precede (lowercase) letters with exclamation points, for example, !d!a!m!n. (If you have a blog that uses, email me if you'd like the extension.)

Metapost: Apartment 3-G Special Events

by DeanBooth 12. June 2009 14:42