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Cap'n Caption #1

by DeanBooth 30. June 2009 00:00

The New Yorker has an online caption contest every week. A while back, the commenters at CC offered their captions, and they were all much, much funnier than the caption that finally won the actual contest. It's been on my to-do list to create a caption program and, at long last, here it is. Right now it's held together with a bit of duct tape and Dijon mustard, but I think it's sturdy enough to give it a try.

Click Add New to add your caption, and use the arrows to page forward and back (duh). If you don't want to see vulgarities and such, click the Safe for work only checkbox. Captions created while you view should be automatically added when you hit the last caption, but you can also just refresh the page. Please let me know if you have any technical problems or suggestions. If you come across any single-panel comic that screams out for caption snarking (Family Circus!), email me. 

Visit The New Yorker to view previous contest winners, vote for the finalists in recent contests, and enter the current contest. I'm sure there's a winner among us! (But certainly not my lame caption for this week!)


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