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Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Fred Basset Edition

by DeanBooth 1. May 2009 08:00

Fred Basset: Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Fred Basset Edition   
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This week's recommended site: Stuck Funky

And it's time again to thank my pack of Project Wonderful advertisers. Please sniff their butts!

What's in Store:  As part of my continual pursuit of funds for luxury items such as carpal tunnel therapy, I've added a Store button up on the main menu. Since I can't sell things like t-shirts and mugs (because I only mangle copyrighted images and can't actually draw anything), I decided to open an Amazon-based store featuring comic merchandise. If you're ever in the market for comic-related books like anthologies, consider buying them through my store. It doesn't cost any more, and it's an easy way to show appreciation for the bucket o' laffs you find here.


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