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Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Funky Winkerbean Edition

by DeanBooth 26. June 2009 05:36

Funky Winkerbean: Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Funky Winkerbean Edition   
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As reader Emily pointed out, this Funky must have been written with Death Cat blogging in mind.

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This Week's Thanks: Three casserole dishes of delicious thanks goes to the very generous reader who donated a year's subscription of movie making so that This Week in Mary Worth can continue. Horray! Now I can experiment with even more kinds of random dancing, and the soon-to-be-released version may let me show Mary talking on the phone! Pool party!!

This Week's Promo: Thanks to those of you who visited my Project Wonderful advertisers and the Comic Booth's Amazon store! Please show them some love now.

This Week's Question: Reader Josh suggests that the original comic should be shown first, and then you can click to see my modified version. What do you think?

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