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Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Heart of the City Edition

by DeanBooth 3. July 2009 07:55

Heart of the City: Friday Night Death Cat Blogging: Heart of the City Edition   
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Oh no, not Dean!

This Week's Recommended Site: An artist friend, Chien Kun, recently started a (NSFW) blog about his art. Among other things, he does paintings of comic and cartoon characters. Though there are only a few up so far, there will be more good things to come. Smurfy!

This Week's Thanks: Thanks to my Project Wonderful advertisers -- please let them know that someone is paying attention. Also, now is a good time to buy those Fourth of July gifts you'll need for friends and relatives; and you can't beat the selection in the Comic Booth's Amazon store!

[Who is death cat?]


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