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Mark Trail Christmas Creche

by DeanBooth 20. December 2009 00:00

A Christmas present for all the Comic Booth readers: A Mark Trail Christmas Creche! Simply print the parts, cut them out, fold and tape, and you'll have a creche to sit beside (or in place of) your traditional Nativity scene.

You can set up your creche in different ways.

Mark and Rusty Chase Sassy in the Swamp

Mark and Andy Discover the Burning Car

If the wise men visit (guided by the smoke of the burning car), I'd advise them to shave before arriving.

Open all the image parts in a single PDF. Print the PDF, Cut out the images on solid lines, fold on dotted lines. Use tape or glue to complete Mark, Rusty, and Cherry.

Another option is to open the image parts in your browser to print them. Use Print Preview to ensure they print full size.
Animals and Burning Car
Lost Forest Background (Use stiffer paper or tape to cardboard.)

Merry Christmas, Everyone! And a big Thank You and Merry Christmas to Jack Elrod!

[Inspired by Toy-a-Day.]


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