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Metapost: Comic Archives Navigator Update

by DeanBooth 17. May 2009 14:52

The Comic Archives Navigator makes it easy to read old story lines in the comic soaps. Reader M has been doing his/her Mary Worth homework, and sent me a bunch of events to add to the Navigator's bookmark page. Thanks, M.

 Here is a sampling of Mary Worth history:

Pool Party: High School Sweethearts Storyline begins
Drug Dealing Storyline begins/Tommy arrives at Charterstone
Alcoholic Storyline begins
Rita drunkenly breaks Mary's precious swans
Chubby Lover Storyline begins/Mary & Toby go power walking
Mary meets Aldo
Ella Byrd moves to Charterstone
Mary dreams that Jeff needs her in Vietnam
Vera moves to Charterstone
Mary finds Chester injured on the side of the road
Pool Party! The story of Mary's childhood begins
Ron Amalfi's dying mother / jealousy story begins
Toby's identity-theft story begins
The ice skating / father domination story begins
Mary and Jeff meet Ted Convey
Adrian meets Detective Scott Hewlett

When you're in the Navigator, you can return to the Bookmarks page by clicking on the ♥ button in the navigation frame.

Update: Apparently the original links didn't work for some browsers. I've fixed them (in theory).


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