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Metapost: Your Mashups Here?

by DeanBooth 13. March 2009 13:39

It's been nearly three weeks since I set up this blog, and since then I've done over 70 mashups! I'm kind of amazed at that, but I've been pumped up and excited about this new adventure in blogland. At this rate my sex-and-poop approach to the comics might become a bit monotonous, so I was thinking today that it'd be great to vary the tempo by posting some comic mashups by other people. So, if you're doing mashups and don't have a place to post them, just send them to me in an email and I'll post them here.

Following Josh's recommendation, I signed up with Project Wonderful to display ads (obvious, maybe?), and -- also following his lead -- I'd like to thank the advertisers for supporting this site. Show them some love. I've got to say that I miss the Hypno-Butt. Come back Hypno-Butt! You're like a phantom limb, but rounded!

And, of course, thanks to all of you for visiting.

This Week's Recommended Site: bats :['s Snark It Up, Fuzzball. bats [: is the master of the Rex Morgan mashup.


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