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Metapost: Showing the Original Comic First

by DeanBooth 14. August 2009 10:43

I've had a few requests to show the original comic rather than my modified version first. Because doing so would interfere with RSS feeds, I had to use some trickery.

In the link column on the left, there's now a Show Original First checkbox. Check this box if you prefer seeing the original version of the comic first. You can then view my handiwork by clicking the View Original/Modified link beneath the image. Your choice will be remembered when you return.

If you choose to show the original first, you may notice a slight delay as the page replaces the modified images with their originals. Just shut your eyes ("La la la...") for a second or two.

I've tested this in IE6 and the latest Firefox. Please let me know if you encounter any problems on-site or with RSS feeds.


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