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Metapost: The Comic Archives Navigator

by DeanBooth 5. April 2009 01:15

As I create comic mashups for the soap-opera strips, I often need to find earlier strips that contain the images I need. A couple of years ago, I created the Comics by Month page, a list of links to all the old comics,  and I've always used it to scan them.

This week I created a new, improved version, which offers a simple single-window navigation of the comics. The Comic Archives Navigator lets you select a strip and date, and then page through the comics using Next and Back navigation buttons. It also remembers where you left off, and gives you the option to return to that comic. Now with InstaLoad©: When you use the Next button, the next day's comic is being preloaded behind the scenes, and should display almost instantly!

There is a link on the instructions page, displayed when you first launch the Navigator, to a list of the major story lines and events in the soap strips (for example, Mary meets Aldo or Tyler in Gil Thorp bashes himself). I just started this list, so it's very short, and I'd appreciate your help in filling it out. If you know the dates of any significant soap strip events, please mention them in the comments or email me.

Give it a try, and be sure to send me any feedback you have for improving it. 


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