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by DeanBooth 21. February 2009 02:00

Welcome. If you arrived here from my comics page, you can see that I've decided to go "real" and use an actual blog format. I've tried to include all the features used on the comics page, including viewing Safe for Work only and all the comic viewing tools.

I'm currently manually importing all my comic mashups from yo-god. I've got a couple of hundred done so far, but it's going to take a while.

Unlike my old  comics page, I will also be including a few political and other non-comic related mashups. If you prefer to view only posts about the comics, just click the View Comics Only link on the left. You can also now leave comments. Please be kind! I'm new at this blogging thing, so feel free to let me know if imdoinitrong.


P.S. If you send an email and don't hear back, it probably means I don't have email set up correctly. Try deanbooth[atsign]


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