Slylock Fox Outfoxed

This page can help you solve a Slylock Fox 6 differences puzzle. Below are two copies of a Slylock comic on top of each other. To try it out, drag the comic on the right until the center images align. Then press the Enter key to make the differences stand out. Follow the instructions below to try a different Slylock comic.


Take these steps to help solve a Slylock Fox 6 differences puzzle:

1. Go to your favorite place online to view Slylock Fox. Right-click on the Slylock Fox cartoon and select Save Picture As... Save the Slylock image on your computer — remember where you saved it!

2. Enter the name and location of the Slylock cartoon image on your computer here:
and click the Load the Comic button. Two overlapping copies of the Slylock cartoon will display above.

3. Drag the image on the right so the differing images in the middle align as closely as possible.

4. In Internet Explorer, press the Enter key to blink on and off the differing images. In Firefox, move your mouse over and out of the image. The differences should blink on and off, making it easy as pie to spot them!